Monday, March 23, 2009

The change of season...

The famous red-roofed church Notre Dame Auxiliatrice.

Cap Malheureux - the most northernly point of the Mauritian mainland. It was named the "Cape of Misfortune" for the numbers of ships that were wrecked along this stretch of coast over the years. It was also here the British fleet landed on November 6th 1810 to take formal possession of Mauritius after the French.

Old shop - stone building - at Cap Malheureaux.

Gris Gris (can be translated to "black magic") beach at the southern part of the island. Does a dip in the water look tempting? Don't try - the ocean is fury here, and sign telling "dangerous bathing" is put up. Strange to imagine the nearest neighbor south is the Antarctic! Needless to say it feels cold when the wind blows from the south!
There has been some days since my last posting, and the reason is; the FLU! OH JOY! I'm quite sure it has to do with the change of season; we're entering the beginning of "winter" these days, but still there are no cooler days yet. Of course the "winter" can't be compared to a winter with minus degrees and snow, but still it does feel chilly at times. Mauritians say there are two seasons; summer and "winter". The summer lasts from approx October to end of March and "winter" from April to end of September. Coastal temperatures range between +25C (77F) and +34C (93F) in summer and between +18C (64F) and +24C (75F) in "winter". On the plateau it will be some 5 degrees cooler, which perfectly suits a Norwegian! :-) July & August are the coolest months when the temperature may drop to +8C (46F) at certain places on the plateau. We are at the end of cyclone season too, which usually ends at the end of March. Fortunate we haven't been hit by any cyclones this seasons, but a few have given us some needed rain.


zarina said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures and your life there. Gives us a picture of living there.

The Heart of Paul said...

What a beautiful place you live in!

Astrid said...

Thanks Zarina and Paul! Yes, it is a beautiful island! I'll blog more photos of the island later.