Monday, March 30, 2009

Stash diet - impossible?!

Is it really possible to be on "stash diet" for more than a short time? I don't think so! Last year I bought quite some yards of fabric from the US, as suitable cotton fabric for quilting aren't that available here. I have a large selection, but of course never the right shade! Isn't it always like that?! Never the right shade!!! :-) I don't know how many times hubby has asked me the following question; "what on earth are you going to do with all that fabric?!" I try answering the best I can; "you know - it's so important to have the right shade"! Where he shakes his head and leaves my "cave"! The truth is; I never have the right shade, which means I often buy THE right shade of fabric - when I need it!!! :-) Hubby says it's a typical "female brain" - is it??? Scientifically shown; females are gatherers - males are hunters! We should be proud of being gatheres - shouldn't we?! :-)
Recently Pam Bono Designs had sale on Robert Kaufman Artisan Blue Batik, to $6.95/yard. How on earth could I resist?! I love batiks - especially blue, and ended up buying 3 yards! Don't ask me what I'm going to make out of it - I just had to have it!!! You can see it on the photo above. Isn't it gorgeous?!
As mentioned in an earlier post I ran out of fabric for Johnny's bed cover... It's the green one to the right. Again I couldn't resist and bought Debbie Mumm's "Friendship Quilt Collection" book too - from Debbie Mumm Quilters. And as you can see I got the latest edition of the Australian magazine "Handmade" too! It was like Christmas Eve when hubby came back from the post office!
The next day was great too; I received two books I had ordered. In an earlier post I have mentioned the mini quilt my friend Kari made to me in a technique called "faux chenille". I became curious on how the technique is done - that's why the book; "Simple Chenille Quilts" by Amy Whalen Helmkamp. In her book she combines faux chenille and raw-edge patchwork to make such cuddly quilts. What I didn't realize is the number of yards required for a quilt - because it is made of 3-4 - or even more - layers of fabric.
The other book I bought is "Fun With One Block Quilts" by Cheryl Malkowski.
Yeah - I'm a gatherer! :-)

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes I am lucky and have all needed to make a quilt in my stash - other times I do not have the right fabric for the backgrounds and need to get more - like you I think I should have it in the stash and just don't have the right stuff.