Friday, April 24, 2009

A day off crafting

We had a wonderful day out yesterday. We used to do 5-6 hours walks before the construction of our house started, but for the last three years we have been more busy with the house & other things. Rather lazy. It's not that we don't walk... We don't have a car, which means we walk to the supermarkets for grocery shopping etc - about 30-45 minutes walk from where we're living. I think Mauritians are known for not walking and when they hear about our walks they just shake their head and don't really believe it is possible! :)

There is another reason for not walking, especially for me; the hot & humid weather during the summer months. I don't take that weather condition very well, so I prefer staying at home. We're into the beginning of "winter" now, and it has cooled down a bit. We decided in the early morning to go to Tamarind Falls, which is less than 30 minutes by bus. We thought we'd get something to eat at the nearest bus stand, but at 08:30 in the morning only one shop was open and it didn't have bread or burgers. We had to walk it down to the center, where we got what we needed for a day out.

The seven waterfalls at Tamarind Falls were gorgeous! We have been to the falls many times, but never seen it like this! From the viewpoint to the falls there is another breathtaking view to the west coast. We continued further along the inside road to Tamarind Falls Reservoir. On the way we picked yellow guavas. There are many species of guavas, so I'm not sure which species grow here.

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