Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A new passion?

Yesterday I went to a craft shop where I bought some Madeira variegated quilting threads and some skeins DMC embroidery thread. I can't take a photo of the skeins I bought, as it's going to be a surprise for my "card-exchange" partner. Yes, I have signed up for a "card-exchange", which one of the craft groups - where I'm a member - arranges. I have never made a card in my life, except those Mother's and Father's Day cards when I went to school - ages ago! :) No doubt it'll be a challenge for me!

Well, I was not going to write about the "card-exchange". After the craft shop I headed to a bookshop, where I got a few needed things for card-making as well as I had a look at the magazine section. Except for the latest edition of Australian Women's Weekly I ended up with two cross-stitch magazines! As I have mentioned earlier in my blog, I used to do cross-stitching many years ago and now I consider taking it up again. Some of the craft group members are making such beautiful cross-stitching works, which has inspired me to take up cross-stitching again. A new passion?

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