Friday, December 25, 2009


.... to all my readers!!! May you all have a wonderful Christmas and many festive days!

Norwegians celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Living in another country where Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Day - does not make any difference to me - Christmas is and will always be the 24th! This year I intended decorating a bit early, to have some quiet days before the Eve, but the only thing I managed to do early was to put up the Christmas wall quilts.

When the days grew nearer to Christmas, I finally decorated the tree and found places for the Santa's. Actually we have two Christmas trees; the biggest one in the dining room and the smaller one (both artificial) in the TV-room. Since we have an open solution with no walls between the kitchen, dining and TV-room, two decorated trees make it more festive!

Who is hunting mice?! :)) Birre-Liten has always loved this tree skirt, I really don't know why... Perhaps the decorations are glued on to the sacking (?) and he likes the smell of the sacking? Who knows?! I don't believe the only reason is that he is after the mice!!! :))) After I took this photo, he was rolling on it, kicking and most probably trying to kill the mice! LOL! I made the tree skirt ages ago... can't really remember which year it was, perhaps late 1980's.... I love it! :) I love the dancing couples! :) Before I put it on the floor I had to re-glue four eyes on the mice - Birre's fault from earlier years!!! :))
Enjoy the festive days!


Notjustnat said...

Thanks for going over to visit my blog. I love all your Christmas quilts too. You have very interesting life - Merry Christmas to you - Hugs Natima

karenfae said...

Merry Christmas to you! We celebrate a bit on both days. We always opened presents from each other on Christmas Eve night and then the kids would open presents from Santa on Christmas morning.

Sharon said...

Lovely Decor. Hope you had a marvelous Christmas:)