Wednesday, December 16, 2009

While waiting for Christmas...

Needlepoint picture completed! Hurray!!! This is what I've done the last days instead of sewing. It was a birthday gift from my dear friend Johnny - almost three years ago. I used to do a lot of needlepoint in earlier years, but lost interest. I thought it might be fun doing it again, but NO!!! (Johnny - I know you are reading this - please don't buy another one!!!!) :)) I didn't enjoy doing it that much - or better say - I won't rush to the shop buying another one! I think I have had my dose of needlepoint for many years!!! :)) I have yet to iron it, and I hope it is possible to stretch it a bit to make it more straight. Johnny intends visiting us next July - I have to frame it before his visit - or else....... Joking! :))) I've used DMC wool - half cross stitch. I don't like using wool for needlepoint; I prefer three strands DMC embroidery floss - cross stitch - it turns out more beautiful (my opinion).
Birre-Liten was bored some days ago... It was raining and he didn't want to go out. What is better than to view town from a dry and comfy place?! :)

Early morning nap - under the sewing table. That's fine with me, as long as they don't eat the cable for the sewing machine!!!

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