Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gelane's Quilt and Baguette Bag

YIPPEE! One of the kid quilts I've been working on the last month is FINISHED!!!!! I started working on the star blocks approx one year ago, when something went wrong and they were put aside - hidden somewhere in a corner! :) I'm feeling proud; this is my own pattern! I don't know how many hours I have spent working on it - that doesn't really count - but it has been a lot of work - as well as brain work to calculate the blocks fitting together etc. Another thing that makes me proud; the fabrics I have used are from my stash! The only thing I have bought is flannel for the batting and backing - didn't have suitable flannel at all in my stash.

I have used Beatrix Potter novelty fabric; Peter Rabbit and the goose (does that goose have a name? I can't remember!) with coordinating fabrics - Moda marbles.

Here's a close-up of the center piece. Sorry my digital camera does not take good close-ups, I can't get the photos better. If my calculation is right, the quilt consists of 763 pieces and I have quilted in each of them. What a job! LOL! :) I have enjoyed every second and minute I have worked on it - a challenge!

Since I have created the quilt, I have named it "Gelane's Quilt". I completed the quilt yesterday, when another cyclone was named in our area - its name is "Gelane".

This morning I finished a bread bag! Yes, it is a bread bag, or better say "baguette bag". How do you get an almost one meter long baguette into a supermarket plastic bag without the baguette going into two pieces?! Impossible!!! (I do wonder why on earth the baguettes have to be that long?!!) The bag was almost finished before Christmas last year, left to add the handles only. Isn't it amazing how long time simple things take to finish?! Well, now that one is done too - two UFO's less - on my list of UFO's! These two projects are not only two UFO's, but two OPAM projects for February too! Never thought I was going to make it! :)


Sigrun said...

Teppet ble kjempeflott Astrid. Likte godt at du hadde flere farger på lukkekanten. Det "sprita" opp teppet.
Brød bagen er også flott.

karenfae said...

love the quilt - so colorful - and that you designed it yourself makes it extra special for you. The bag is nice too.
Do you always use flannel for the batting? Because you are in a warm climate?

Dirt Lover said...

I just LOVE this quilt! I love the colors, I love the pattern, and I love that it's your very own design. Your idea of making a list of your UFO's is a good one. Then you can see things checked off. Maybe part of the reason I have so many UFO's is that they are out of sight, out of mind. Perhaps if I had a list of them, I wouldn't forget and then I would get more finished. I have a question for you. What is OPAM? Does it stand for something?

heather said...

This quilt is very nice. I like the combination of the star blocks and the novelty fabric blocks.


Gudveig HN said...

Det ble utrolig lekkert!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful quilt and you such the designer! I really have to get me some moda marbles! They look so soft and comforting and I need some basics in my stash! I love that bread bag too! So where can I buy your pattern ;).