Saturday, December 24, 2011

The last snowmen...

Christmas is knocking on my door!
I'm almost done with the preparations and decorations and even managed to squeeze in some time to finish a few projects over the last week.
I bet you are tired of all those snowmen projects you have seen in my previous posts and ask yourself; isn't she going to make something else?!? Yes - No?! :)
Remember too that I had to purchase quilting thread as well as fabrics for binding from the US, which took much longer time than usual; one parcel took 3 weeks from the custom in Port Louis to reach our local post office!!!! I'm far from happy it took that long, but of course I'm happy the parcel finally arrived safely!
I want to show you a few more projects I got out of those snowmen fabrics, but first here's the wall quilt I made of those fabrics back in 2008.
The fabrics are 'Snow Wonderland' by Whimsicals - Red Rooster Fabrics.
You can read more about Whimsicals here.

I have added beads to the star blocks to make it sparkle in the light...

...and cute snowman buttons to the center of the snowball blocks.

When I purchased the fabrics for the wall quilt from a web shop in the US, I couldn't buy less than 1/2 yards. Even if I rounded up to nearest 1/2 or full yard, I must have bought much more than needed. I know I bought more snowmen stripes than needed, because I found them too cute! :) I'm not sure how many projects I got out of the leftover fabrics, but what I'm going to show you now, are the last ones! I promise; no more snowmen projects from this fabric line! :)

How do you take a photo of a too long table runner?! :) I tried lots of solutions (must have been entertainment for the neighbor!), but thought the best was to pull it over the ladder. Not easy to get a good photo, but you get an idea how it turned out. I made it for the buffet in our sitting-room. It is a bit over sized (long) for the buffet, but I like it as it is. Here I have used the leftovers that could be used and all the leftover of the snowmen stripes went into this one. 

A better view of the center...

For the quilting I have used quilting thread from WeeksDyeWorks. I've known the company for their beautiful embroidery floss, but this is the first time I've tried their quilting thread.
Their quilting thread doesn't have the shiny finish as Superior Threads King Tut. I love how the WDW quilting thread - cocoa -  turned out on those prim fabrics I have used. I discovered their quilting thread when I had only this table runner left to quilt... If I had known earlier, I think I had used it on all those projects - it suits perfectly - and I think it turned out beautifully.


A table topper to match the wall quilt.

...and another table topper - almost the same as the one above, corners are different.
This is the last one! No more snowmen from this fabric line! :))

I have a few more finished projects to show, but that will be another post - soon.


QuiltSue said...

You really got your money's worth from those snowmen I reckon.

karenfae said...

really nice, you love snowmen!