Saturday, April 5, 2014

Using up bits and pieces, layer cakes and the PSQ craze

Welcome April! 
Springtime many places on the globe and here it means cooler days. We can feel it already, which is just so wonderful! 

What have I been up to since my previous post? Not much really.... I've been using up fabrics from the 'Blooming spring' by Joanne Porter for Wilmington prints. 

I had some border fabric left and made a set of 4 placemats

 ... and two trivets / hot pads. Love to use up bits and pieces.

Some weeks ago I cut the fabrics for this table runner... Yesterday I added the pieces together, quilted and now it's ready to be hemmed.

Back in January I pulled out two layer cakes from the shelf that had been sitting there forever... almost! What has happened since then? Nothing! Not until this morning when I decided to cut each 10 inch square into four 5 inch squares for a twin quilt.

 'Aviary' by 3 Sisters
and 'Beach House' by Blackbird Designs

I think these two layer cakes blend well together. I'm going to 'mix & match' the fabrics squares and I think it should be enough for a twin quilt - I have to calculate on that. (The photo doesn't do justice to the colors of the fabrics, it was too dark in the room so I had to use the flash).  

What's your experience with layer cakes? 
Before I started cutting the 10 inch squares, I measured properly to verify they are exact 10 inches square. Well, they are NOT! On almost every square - those I have cut - they measured 9 7/8 or 9 3/4 inches! I figured out this is not going to work, so I decided to cut them all into 4 7/8 inches squares. By doing so at least I know the squares are squares - lol - and I won't have any surprises when adding them together! And even better; I cut off that terrible pinking edge! I'm glad I'm not allergic to all that cotton dust that comes with it! 

...And the craze is on again!
900 2 inch charms ready to be shipped to the US, Canada and UK. 
200 2 inch newbie gifts are shipped to the US, Canada and New Zealand. 
A big THANK YOU  to Mary over at The Curious Quilter who is doing a fabulous job as well as keeping us out of trouble! :)  

Well, the coffee break is over and I have to get going with the second layer cake!

A wonderful weekend to you all!
Happy Quilting! 


thebutterflyquilter said...

Love all of those quilted items you finished!! Those 2" squares must have taken you forever!!

PJs Lapperier said...

Så mycket fint du sytt.
Hälsningar Pirjo som lever båtliv i Las Palmas. Syr ingenting.

Karen said...

That's a lot of work sorting out the layer cakes. And a bit annoying.
However, it will look lovely when finished.
Good luck with all your stitching. Enjoy the cooler days.

Linda at LRDesignsQuilting said...

I'm looking forward to getting one of those little packages of charms!

Carrie P. said...

My experience with layer cakes has been the same as yours. I am afraid I won't be buying them often especially if I Need a 10" square.