Sunday, April 14, 2019

Patriotic Table Runners and WIPs

It's Sunday again, two weeks into April already. Where did this week go?! 
Rain and thunderstorms today and Meteo has issued 'heavy rain warning' until tomorrow morning. No venture out in this weather and what is better than sew?! :)

The Norwegian National Day - May 17th - is approaching. 

I have a few patriotic quilted items in our Etsy Shop and after selling one table runner last weekend, I've been busy making two more.

I had some fabric left of this fun navy blue striped ribbons and made a variation of the one above. (Soon available at RedNeedleQuilts

I was looking for a specific fabric the other day and instead of locating the one I was looking for, I found these

Aren't they beautiful?! Love daisies! 

I've been pondering what to make and it can't be anything else than a summer table runner! :) I pulled out a white tonal daisy fabric and a matching yellow to the turquoise (azure) fabric and made two different fabric combination blocks

DH is my biggest supporter. I often ask him for advises and this is his design

...and here is mine. I love both blocks, both would look great as table runner / topper. Hm.... I think I'll make one of each. 
Please tell me, which one is your favorite block? 

I haven't had much time for the Scrappy Batik Star blocks, but managed to squeeze in time to make two last night

...and in between, when I have some 1.5 inch squares for my insanity project....

Altogether I have 103 blocks x 36 (squares in each block) = 3708 squares!
For a quilt size measuring 72 x 90 inches, I need 6480 squares! Not more than 77 blocks (2772 squares to go)! YIKES! LOL Honestly, I'm not sure how big I'm going to make it. 
With all the blocks I already have, perhaps it's time to start sewing them together?!



Birthe Marie said...

Så flott 17 mai løper! Stilige bakgrunnstoffer i løperne.
Sommerløper må være et perfekt bruksområde til blomsterstoffet. Jeg likte best det nederste der stjernen er blå.
Å for et fantastisk scrapprosjekt du holder på med. 1.5 inch er veldig smått, og jammen skal det mange kvadrater til en så stor quilt. Lykke til videre!
God påske!

Barb Neiwert said...

What a lot of squares in that scrappy quilt, my goodness! It will be beautiful when done. Just don't think about the total number. After all, it will become just one huge block when you're finished!

StephsQults said...

My goodness you have been busy, my favourite are those scrappy postage stamp blocks, yes, start putting them together, that is going to be stunning! Now I want to get into my sewing room and start using up some of my never ending scraps, but not so small, 2 inch is the smallest I will go!!

Elzaan said...

You will be going insane after that PS-quilt!!!
Beautiful blocks on the summer table runner. I think you should alternate. I love the contrast.