Thursday, April 25, 2019

This and That

Hello everyone! 
 I hope you all had a nice Easter. No public holidays here, just normal days for us. 

How are you doing and what have you been up to recently?
First days of this week have just flown away. Today is actually the first day this week I'm not going anywhere! It's raining too, so what's better than playing with some fabrics and a little bit sewing?! 

Thanks for your comments on the daisy blocks! Since my previous post, I played around a little bit and decided to make three more blocks of each and turn them into two different table runners and table toppers

As most of you know, quilt fabrics etc are not available here and has to be purchased mostly from the US. I prefer to use unbleached cotton batting, but since it is a bit 'yellow-ish', I prefer to use white (bleached) for items where I use white fabric. I thought I had enough left for these items, but not so lucky. More on the way and I should get it by middle May. I didn't find anything suitable for backing in my stash and found an excuse to order! Haha! It should be delivered by end of next week, I hope! 

I have a soft spot for everything COFFEE where coffee fabrics are included as well! :) Last week I received these yummy coffee fabrics

Actually I needed one of these fabrics to finish a table topper. How come the other two ended up in the shopping basket too?! LOL

I was quilting happily away today, was thinking I can finish this table topper...

Nope! That didn't happen! Take a look at the spool! About 3.5 x 12 inches left to FMQ and ran out of thread! UGH! OK, no problem, I ordered more about 2 weeks ago and should get that parcel by next week as well! 

I love to use up bits and pieces of fabric and I've made two zippered pouches / makeup bags for the upcoming Christmas Show in Vadsø, Norway.

I was hunting through part of my stash for hook and loop tape the other day. I found it, but what I also found was these treasure boxes! :)

The one to the left contains 2" and 2.5" squares. The other one contains the same, but also some stripes. I have to admit it; I have lost control on how many boxes I have with pre-cut squares! Maybe this is a hint that I should 'attack' some of these squares and turn them into quilts?! :) 

I finally received these yummy fabrics yesterday! 

It took 40 days!!!  (USPS with International tracking) 16 days from date of shipping until it actually left the US! Then transit through Germany and UK before it arrived here and 10 days at the Customs! I went to the Customs to pick it up yesterday, at least I got some minutes city dose! :) 
I also have to mention I didn't buy these fabrics only because they are yummy! :) I'm going to use them for two advent calendars! 

'Winter' is finally here! spite of 'Kenneth' and 'Lorna' spinning northwest and northeast from us and will not influence the Mascarenes, according to meteo

 Quilts are out for the nights! It's time to LIVE again, not only EXIST! Feels good! :) 



StephsQults said...

What a wonderful blog post Astrid! I don't know how you manage to keep producing such gorgeous quilts when you have to wait so long for everything to arrive, I always have heaps of threads and the large cones, from the US as so much cheaper than here in Aus, I get mine from Connecting Threads, they do large cones of cotton and polyester for quilting. Not sure what they would charge to ship there though?

Liz Brown said...

Astrid-you always have so many projects in the works, and it all looks great! I love the coffee fabrics and can't wait to see what you do with them.