Friday, January 2, 2015

UFO challenge 2015 - part 2

In my previous post, I posted UFO's for the Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! team's UFO competition. Most of them are bed quilts that will keep me busy the next months. 

As if those are not enough, I have several other UFO's! 2014 was 'the year of creating UFO's'! I hope to finish some of these in between working on the bed quilts, new projects and other stuff. 

UFO #9-10-11
Table runner and two candle mats. 
I found the 2.5 inch charms for the table runner in a box when I was looking for something else. I had pieced together half of the squares and I remember I put it away because I couldn't decide what to make out of it. When I rediscovered it, that famous light bulb lit up and it has become a table runner. Now it is to decide on backing. The two candle mats are ready to be quilted. 

UFO #12
Log cabin blocks. The idea is a lap or twin quilt. 

UFO #13
Log cabin pillow cover. The back has a zipper closure and I was not happy with the first try; rip! rip! rip! I think I have to re-baste the zipper and try again. 

UFO #14
Table topper. Finally got around to order fabric for the back and binding. Should get it next week. 

UFO #15
Another set of four autumn place mats. I'm not happy with the fabric for the back, so perhaps I will change that...  

UFO #16
Blocks for a scrappy Christmas / winter lap quilt

UFO's #17
Cute snowman blocks for.... I don't know! Perhaps a table topper or runner? 

UFO #18
Block swaps from NNC based in Malaysia 
The idea was to applique some Sunbonnet Sue blocks in addition to the blocks we already have, but I have yet to decide on that. 

UFO #19
Grocery bag from old jeans and a rice bag from Pakistan.

UFO #20
Cute summer bag. 
What happened to this one? I wanted to change the pattern to make it my way, but now I can't even remember what that was about - lol! 

It's official; I have 20 UFO's! lol

I'm currently working on some Valentine's placemats. I don't consider them as UFO's since I started working on them after Christmas.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you will be busy in 2015!

ria vogelzang said...

Ooh, I absolutely love all of your UFO's! :D
And yes I also have such an amount of UFO's...... sigh....
But still working on them; most are bedquilts... so BIG......!
I'm glad I love to quilt; it doesn't matter if it's a new project or an old.... I'm quilting.. ;)
Love and a Happy New Year to you!

Umm-Yara said...

Jag önskar jag kunde finna energin att se över mina UFO:n :) Jag gillar verkligen dina ris-påse-väskor! Måste göra en sån någon gång!
Önskar dig ett gott nytt år 2015!
Kristin i Borås