Saturday, April 29, 2017

Granny Square Quilt UFO is FINISHED!

A BIG THANK YOU to Jane, Karen, Elzaan and Rosemary for your lovely comments on my previous post

In between smaller projects, I've been working on UFO's. I don't have many, but those I have are lap or bed quilts. 

A couple of weeks ago (yes I know, I'm slow in blogging!), I finished the Granny Square batik quilt! 

Yep! It's green too... and brown! :) For years I have tried to convince myself green is not my favorite color... I think I have been wrong all these years! It's very easy to love greens; look out of your window and we are (most of us) fortunate to be surrounded by greens in all shades. The love of nature, I believe it affects us somehow... 

This is the first time I made granny square blocks and I really love them. They are easy and fast to make and gives a quilt a nice look. 

I think the yellow squares brighten up the corners...

I found a beautiful brown and green leaves batik for the back. Even better; it was on sale! :)

In the washing machine it went after it was finished. I threw in 3 color sheets and they came out RED! I thought I had pre-washed all the batiks earlier, but it could have been one of the browns I missed... Love the crinkled look after it was washed! 

I have 3 more UFO's to finish, but right now I can't decide on which one to attack! :) 



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes it seems we can pre-wash fabric 5 times and put it in a quilt and when it is finished wash it again and more color comes out! happens to me frequently. I think the quilt turned out lovely

Karen S said...

Great finish on this quilt. I think your choice of colours have worked really well together and that the backing is perfect!!

Elzaan said...

Too bad on the bleeding of the colours. The quilt turned out fantastic despite that! The colours work well together in this quilt. Great job!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Your quilt looks beautiful! Great quilting too! Aren't you glad you finished it? I must remind myself to finish up some of these projects!