Sunday, March 4, 2018

Attacking a block swap UFO

'Hello' from a cloudy and wet Sunday evening this side of the globe! 
Surprise! It's raining! We are getting the outer cloud bands from cyclone 'Dumazile'. It is expected to pass between Madagascar and Reunion Island, but we all know how unpredictable these storms are.... We had a couple of sunny days earlier this week and we were able to do some yard work. My goodness! With all the rain we have got this year, the garden has become a jungle! Still lots to do, but that has to wait! 
What's better than to stay inside sewing?! :) It's pouring down right now!

What have you been up to this week?
I've made a few table runner tops and finished the two Norwegian flag mug rugs (see my previous post). When I remembered to take photos today, it was already dark. 

As you may remember, I have quite some UFO's. Who doesn't?! 
Friday afternoon I had a look at my oldest UFO; the 'Sunbonnet Sue' quilt. It was not my intention to work at it now, but I got carried away and have been sewing the entire weekend! 

Most of the blocks are swaps from 2010/2011. I missed the 2012 swap though and to make a decent size quilt I decided to make some Sunbonnet Sue machine applique blocks, 16 blocks altogether. I finished about half of the S.Sue blocks last year, got bored to tears with it and put them away! I did a marathon sewing yesterday morning and finished all the S.Sue blocks!

I didn't pay much attention to the blocks when I received them and I thought it would be an easy task to piece them all together. WRONG! 
The blocks are supposed to measure 12.5 inch square. Most of them do, but to my surprise - and annoyance - some blocks measured less. Attention were not paid to the seam allowance and 7 (!!!) blocks measured less then 12.5" square! The measurements were off from 1/4 to 1/2 inch!  

This is one of the 'out of size' block! Take a look at the bottom and to the left; as much as 1/2" too small and it won't fit together with the other blocks! What would you have done?? I noticed the seam allowance was way off, almost 3/8"! I decided to rip the entire block and start over again! :((

Another one that is way off, but not as bad as the first one. 

My dear helper!  I think he feels sorry for me! 'Mommy' was not happy today when he decided to do 'aerobic' on the blocks layout on the floor!!!! lol 

They look much better now. The one to the right is still little bit off, but I managed to adjust it when I pieced the blocks together. These are only a few that didn't measure 12-1/2", altogether I had to rip and re-sew 7 blocks! 
Needless to say I'm still annoyed! This was totally waste of time and it shows how important it is to pay attention to measurements when piecing blocks! I'm not saying my blocks / work are perfect - they are not! But when a block has to be 12.5 inch, 12 inch is not acceptable. There's no seam allowance and how do you make it fit together with the 12.5 inch blocks?? 

All blocks sewn together in rows. I wanted to finish the top today, but with all the ripping and re-sewing I had to do, I'm POOPED! 
It feels like it's time to get the feet up and have a glass of wine... or two....! :) 



Gail S. said...

I don't think I could have ever finished it. I often find swaps to be annoying for that very reason. You did a GREAT job making it work. You deserve at least two glasses of wine!

Chantal said...

I participated in two different swap but haven't put the tops together yet. (Actually, still waiting for the second swap blocks to come through the mail.) I will check the blocks before I start to sew now that you have shared your adventure with us. The blocks go so well with S.Sue blocks though. It will make a wonderful quilt once it is all done and all the hard work is behind you. ;^)

Pamela said...

Yay for you! And you are totally right, if a block should be 12 1/2, 12 inches just doesn't work!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

and that is why I do not do block exchanges - I did this once and the blocks I received half of them were not the right size - one was one inch smaller than the others and could not be used at all.

Susan-Sharon Passmore said...

How pretty! And what a pain in the rear to have to re-stitch the pieced blocks to make them the right size, but it looks great now! Happy quilting, Sharon

Stephanie Hateley said...

Wow, you are more patient then I would have been with them Astrid, good on you! I'd have probably dumped them and made new from scratch. I agree, very annoying. Going to be worth it though, a gorgeous quilt.

Sue Simpson said...

Adorable quilt and worth the work redoing the blocks!!! Cheers and enjoy that drink!

Elzaan said...

I can relate to the blocks not being the same size. I once had my measurements wrong and instead of making a 1/4" seam I made 5/16" seams. Just that little bit extra made my entire block about 1/3 smaller than it should have been. I was very annoyed at that.
Well done for pushing trough and finishing (redoing) the blocks. Today you deserve a golden star!!!

Jennifer said...

Nicely done, Astrid.

Elizabeth Brown said...

Wow, so much work to redo those blocks, what a pain! But it will pay off, it looks great Astrid!

Barb Neiwert said...

I've had that happen with block swaps before. Annoying. I like your kitty!

Karen S said...

A shame to have to muck around with the blocks but they look great together and now you know it will work.
Good luck on that UFO pile!