Friday, September 4, 2020

APQ's UFO Challenge 2020 - May Finish

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! How come it's September already? That means we are heading towards summer (this side of the globe) AND Christmas! 

Thank you everyone for your comments on my previous post! I intended to make a few more blocks, but that did not happen. Instead I've made some mug rugs, but that is for another post.

As mentioned earlier, I worked on UFO's during the lock-down.

Here's Quiltsy Team and APQ's UFO Challenge 2020; #12 - May challenge (my UFO list #12)

Scrappy Star Batik Lap Quilt, finished May 3, 2020. The photo is not the best; too much light from the window makes the colors look washed out on the left corner.

I enjoyed working with these bright colors

Closeup of the star

Lots of yummy bright colors! 

For the back I have used a light blue batik.

I can't figure out what the problem was while quilting it; lots of skipped stitches that almost drove me nuts! I tried needles from 75/11 (as I usually use) to 90/14, (I always use a new needle), re-threaded several times, checked thread tension, Masterpiece quilting thread, a bucket with swear words! I'm quite sure the devil was sitting on my shoulder laughing his head off! lol Well, in the end I did finish it! 
Today's question; do you have skipped stitches issues while free motion quilting batik quilts on a domestic machine and how do you solve the problem? My sewing machine is Bernina Aurora 440 QE.


APQ & QUILTSY TEAM UFO CHALLENGE per September 3, 2020.

#1 - Log Cabin #1 (my list #13) April - FINISHED!
#2 - PSQ / Pinwheel Lap Quilt (my list #10) January - FINISHED!
#3 - Scrappy 2" strips lap quilt (my list #15) ?? - FINISHED! photos missing
#4 - Black/White Wall Hanging (my list #7) 
#5 - Deer Log Cabin TT (my list #17) July - FINISHED! photos missing
#6 - Nifty Nurses WH (my list #3) ?? FINISHED! photos missing
#7 - Log Cabin bed quilt (my list #18) March - FINISHED!
#8 - Snowman village WH (my list #9) August - partly finished
#9 - Log Cabin bed quilt #2 (my list #14) February - FINISHED! 
#10 - Snowman Village WH Attic Window (my list #8) September - partly finished
#11 - Scrappy 1" bed quilt (my list #16) June - FINISHED!
#12 - Star batik lap quilt (my list #12) May - FINISHED! 

My UFO for July is finished as well, yet to take photos.
UFO's for August & September are partly finished. I ordered beads from the UK in July. Still haven't got them due to Covid-19, closed borders and no regular flights. 



Hilachas said...

Oh wow! That star block quilt is beautiful. Good job!

Chantal said...

Great job on this quilt, Astrid. I did one like that where I used a plain pale yellow for the stars and all novelties for the squares. It's my first "I Spy" quilt but not my last. It's a fun pattern. Love your rendition. ;^)

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

Beautiful quilt Astrid! Sorry about the skip stitches very frustrating.
I bought some Microtex 70/10 needles for batiks and it seems to do the trick.
I keep them in a baggy with my Free motion foot to remind me to use them.

Oops-Lah said...

What a lovely quilt and so colourful. Oh I can so feel for you about the missed stitches. Isn't it so annoying and often there's no rhyme nor reason for it.

Karen S said...

Great result with the star quilt. Looks like it tested you a bit with the stitches. But a great finish.

Elzaan said...

That is a very lovely star quilt!
Can't help on the skipped stitches. Sometimes they just appear to make life more of a challenge...

Mildekari said...

So nice star-quilt, love this bright colours! Skipped stitches is annoying, and it seems some quilts are just some different than most of them. Even though it seems to be the same materials in them. My experience is that sometimes it is better to use a topstitch-needle or embroideryneedle. They have larger eye and for some reason some of the qulits behave better, I don`t know if these quilts are thicker or uneven in some way. The other thing is that it may be the threadcone is up-side down, sounds weired maybe, but worth trying out and turn it up.