Monday, April 26, 2021

Progress on UFO's during the Lockdown

It's Monday again! How did that happen?! Hope you all had a great week. Lockdown continues (to be eased, phase #2, as from May 1, 2021) and the week has been wet, wet, wet! Lots of rain which caused flooding in the South-eastern part of the island. It has been raining in our area too, but that's nothing compared to the South-East. No venture out except twice a week (lockdown restrictions) and the rain! Thank goodness for fabric and notions, stay inside and stay dry! 

I've taken a break from the pineapple blocks. I am going to make more blocks, at least one more row to the side and bottom, which would make a good size throw. I may do two rows; twin quilt, depending on the strips I've left. if that is a problem; I can always cut more, if needed! 

Since my previous post, I've been working on other UFO's. 

The PSQ (with the stubborn backing) is quilted and trimmed, ready for the binding! I haven't had a close-up' look on how skewed the backing actually is, but after a quick look it doesn't look that bad. 

The scrappy Christmas quilt is quilted too! I had in mind a red and green scrappy binding, I shall see what I have left of Christmas fabric. 
Does any of you use Aurifil 50Wt for quilting? This is the first time I've used it (ran out of SuperiorThread's King Tut and Masterpiece). I love it! 

Pinned and thread basted! The 'flying geese' and blocks are leftovers from this quilt. Bits and pieces of 'ugly' and 'not so ugly' fabric are added. This quilt was supposed to be backing for another quilt. During my creative process - haha! - I came to the conclusion it's too beautiful to be hidden at the back of a quilt! What do you think? 

Any suggestion how to quilt this one? I'm thinking 'stitch-in-the-ditch' on all the 'flying geese' and blocks.  Maybe cross-hatch quilting on the rectangles and FMQ on the bigger pieces? I didn't take photos of the latter, part of them can be seen on the previous photo, side of the table. 

As if this was not enough, I've pieced together another PSQuilt.

How come 3 blocks are missing? I swear I made 48 blocks, because I made the other PSQ first, wanted to use up more 2.5' squares and knew exactly how many blocks are needed. I did count the blocks several times before I put them away (last year). I've been hunting high and low but didn't find them. I'm sure the troll has stolen them!!!  I had to pull out all the 2.5' squares already cut and made 3 new blocks. 

I don't think I have a 'square-problem'! LOL I had fun making the 3 extra blocks, now I'm tempted to make more 36-patches blocks for another PSQ! I really want to use up more of these squares. 

...and 5 new blocks for the scrappy 1.5' quilt. 

A new week, new possibilities. Not sure what I'm doing today. It's raining. Binding has to be cut and sewn to the Christmas quilt and PSQ, I may do that, but first..... COFFEE! 



Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Such great projects and love seeing your progress on your postage stamp quilt. I agree the flying geese top is too pretty to be on the back of another quilt. I can not wait to see how you quilt this beauty up. Happy quilting.

Barb N said...

I use Aurifil thread all the time for piecing. I'm hooked! It's so thin and practically lint-free. I love that since the thread is thinner than most (probably about the same as Masterpiece and King Tut) that the seams lay flat and you can get a true 1/4" seam. I find I use about 3 basic colors to piece everything. A spool lasts a l-o-n-g time!

I agree that the backing should become a quilt top! It stands on its own.

Enjoy your rain. Of course flooding is never good. But we are in a severe drought situation where we live in Idaho. And rain sounds very good right now!


Chantal said...

So many beautiful projects. I should do a PSQ too, but my squares are not stored so neatly. They look so cute in their little containers. Makes me want to sew, sew, sew, but I'm at work right now, (well, my break actually) so I can't sew. No, no, don't use those gorgeous flying geese for a quilt's back, people won't know which side is front, lol. I believe we have trolls in Canada too. haha. ;^)

Karen S said...

Even though we have had lots of time in lock down, there still seems to be plenty to catch up on. Good luck.

MooseCarol said...

It's always enjoyable to see your work in progress. Love the quilt "back", and your PSQ is great

Deb said...

Chantel is correct about the trolls although I think they are more like fairies as they seem polite and rarely create mischief, just inspiration! Love your PSQ and I have a few started. My squares get jumbled and it is weirdly therapeutic to resort them! Found you blog this am, what a pleasant surprise! We are still in , "Hey, stay home. " mode too. Vaccine distribution is going slowly but we will get there!
I will be back to visit again!
Stay safe and sew on !

Claire said...

I agree the back should be a front. And when I make blocks to fill gaps, usually the original lost ones show up AFTER. Doesn't sound like yours were so thoughtful. LOL.

Ivani said...

I agree,Astrid, that back will be a beautiful front.
It seems you have enough squares for another PSQ, your 5 new blocks looks great!
Love the eye candy of Christmas quilt. Stay home and be safe.