Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rearranging part of the garden

It was time working in the garden again. 
We have 3 bougainvilleas in our garden, and this one has had a hard time to adjust. I believe it is because it doesn't get sun enough and the fact that we have trimmed it too much at times so it has never got the chance to flower. Now it does! Isn't it beautiful?! 

I'm not a big fan of weeding - who is - but I must confess I like it too, as long as it doesn't become overwhelming. The right side of the steppingstones has always been a problem. I've tried growing grass there, but the weed overtook the grass too! :( Annoyed by it, I've spent the last couple of days removing the weed and the grass. On the top right side of the photo you can still see part weed, part flowers, part grass... :( I removed the weed and grass afterwards, and.....

this is how it looks now. I transferred some plants from the other side of the steppingstones to where I had cleaned it up. I have no idea what these plants are called; they have very colorful, yellow flowers. They become like tufts and is very easy-growing, and I know after some time they'll be big enough to keep the weed away. (What is not easy-growing in this climate?!) :) I've kept the grass in between the steppingstones, I like it that way. The steppingstones were actually part of an exterior stair that went from our plot (now) to the neighbor's plot. When the stair had to be removed (after division of the plots) we kept the stones and they came into use again. Isn't that great! I love them, because they don't look "new" and none of them are "perfect", and they have their history!! :)
I want to put stones between this row of flowers and the next row. The latter is marguerites - still small too. I didn't manage to do more yesterday; it started raining and my knees didn't cooperate much after all the bending...

Before the rain started, I managed to plant irises in the flowerbed opposite where I planted the yellow ones. I removed all these irises (cuttings) from another flowerbed, where they have covered the soil completely! There I don't have to do much weeding! :) To the left you can see how the yellow ones turns out after some time... In front right is a passion fruit tree - still very young - and the dark green leaves top left is one of the coffee trees.

Our very first ripe guava in our garden! Guavas grow wild here, but it's fun having 3 trees in the garden too! The trees are still young, so we were surprised 2 of them have fruits already!

Not much time for sewing the last couple of days, but today I'll continue on this quilt.


Notjustnat said...

I like bougainvilleas and have one in our garden. Ours is red and I want to get another one for the front garden. I enjoy reading about your garden and I like how you rescued the stepping stones. I think we quilters are sentimental about what we do - Enjoy. Hugs Nat

karenfae said...

your garden looks great you are able to grow so many things. That fruit looks good it almost looks like lemons in a way.

zarina said...

Your guava is yellow - usually ours here is green or pink.

Btw - just saw your photo. You look young and bright (not what I had imagined).

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment on the loss of my chickies. I do get so attached!

Your bougainvilleas are gorgeous! Mine are just getting started and no flowers yet. I can't wait to see them. I have strawberry guava that was given to me. I just stuck it in the ground. So far, so good... but I really have no idea how it will do long term in my area. Vicki