Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chicken Family and another award



I've mentioned in a previous post I was waiting for 2 parcels from the US, both of them consisting of fabrics to finish 'Alouette's Quilt'. I read somewhere parcels from the US may take as long as up to 12 weeks international due to customs. I ordered the fabrics almost at the same day; one parcel arrived after 6 weeks - the other one after 7 weeks! Needless to say I was desperate, because I feared the parcels had gone astray. I got the second parcel on Saturday and intended to work on the quilt during the weekend. The only thing I did was to measure the backing and then I felt puffed. I have to add two pieces for the backing, perhaps I'll do it today - I don't think I feel for any garden work today...

Instead of finishing the quilt as I intended, I made the chicken family! Easter and all - I needed some decoration. Aren't they cute?! The pattern is from talented Stella Whittingham - visit her blog here. She has some free patterns too.
Look who's on the top right side corner of the photo?! I wonder what he was thinking when he saw the chickens..... :))

I received this lovely award from Sharon at Live Your Style. Take a look at her blog - amazing photos of Mauritius! Visit her other creative blog too; L'Atelier.
I'm feeling very honored!

It's never easy to pass on an award, because there are sooo many talented and creative bloggers and beautiful blogs  out there.
I'm unable to pick only four bloggers for this award. If YOU feel YOU deserve this award, please grab the button, place it on your blog and pass it on to four other beautiful blogs/bloggers!
PLEASE don't be shy! YOU deserve this beautiful award!


ria vogelzang said...

What a lovely chicken-family!!
And congratulations with your award!!I also received it .... ;)))
Have a great Easter!

Margaret wong said...

Ooooh, I love the cute chicken family!!!!

Sigrun said...

Den er nydelig Astrid. Har du fått stoffene du har bestilt til mystery quilten? Del 2 er oppe nå.