Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working on another UFO

I can't remember when I bought these Debbie Mumm fabrics (Arctic Holiday), but I believe it must be at least two years ago or even more. It all started when 9na hosted a "Jule-sy-mysterium" (Christmas-Sew-Mystery) on her blog. I got obsessed by the star blocks - that were supposted to be a pair of potholders! The "Arctic Holiday" Santa panel came to my mind, and guess who dived into her stash as fast as..... ?! :)
Indeed - I was obsessed - or possessed (LOL) - by how cute the first block turned out; too pretty for potholders! I made 11 "blue blocks".  
It was not the blue blocks I continued on yesterday; it was the Churn Dash blocks, using "Arctic Holiday" fabrics too.

Churn Dash blocks are fun making too - and very easy! Of course everything is easy when you know how to do it! :) 
When I purchased more of the fabrics last year, I didn't get the red. :( I had only a little piece left, but it was enough for 4 blocks. :) 

Does Birre-Liten prevent me from sewing? Why does he have to sit on the pieces of fabrics I need NOW?! Does he want attention? No, he just had a nap and was sitting there to wake up before he went out. I'm sure if Birre-Liten had been human; he'd been into sewing! He loves sitting on the table while I'm cutting fabrics or sewing, and his latest favorite place is sleeping on the ironing board - especially when I need it! Therefore, I had to find another place for ironing; the counter top! :)) 

I made 8 blocks yesterday; 4 green and 4 red. It's going to be a bed cover. Last night I figured out - in my head - how it'll look like when finished; I love it already! :)) There is still some brainwork; I don't have a pattern for it. It'll be another design by me. :)


ria vogelzang said...

Love your beautiful blocks! And what a great cat!!
Whish Birre-Liten a great sewing-day! I'm sure he has the quilt-virus.......... ;)))

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I'm so impressed by all the UFOs you are working on - and finishing!

Nat Palaskas said...

Oh, I love those Arctic Holiday blocks. I used to like Debbie Muum's designs and still have some of her Christmas books. I like how you set them with churn dash blocks too - Have a great weekend -Hugs Nat

Dirt Lover said...

You are an inspiration to me to finish some of my UFO's. In fact, I am working on a pair of socks I started over a year ago....not quilting, but still a UFO. Thank you for blogging about your projects!