Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who likes the fabric the most...??

I haven't touched the sewing machine since I finished the winter quilt some days ago. Errrr... that is not true! I added the backing to a Christmas ornament (cross-stitching) and did the embellishing; FINISHED - and it turned out so cute! No photo yet, because I want to finish 3 other ornaments. It seems polyester filling is not available in town, so I have to go to the neighbor town for that...
I've made a bookmark too! I can't show it now, because it is the NNC Bookmark Exchange 2010. It is a "secret partner exchange" - that's why. :)

I spent the entire yesterday sewing! Do you remember this post? That was my first attempt making "disappearing 9-patch" blocks. That was last year, so this is another UFO to be finished! At that time I had to purchase more fabrics, which I got.
Here's the light- and dark pink fabrics. Birre-liten loved using it as a bed for his siesta yesterday. :)

I did quite a lot of sewing yesterday; I made 16 blocks! Here some of the squares are ready to be pieced together and some already done. These blocks are such fun to make! It goes fast too - even if it doesn't look like that!

30 blocks displayed! (You don't see all of them on the photo!) This was before I added the blocks together. I need one - or even two rows of 5 blocks before the top is done. It'll be a lap quilt - I believe. :) I like making it long enough so that I can wrap my feet into it too. :)

Then it's about batting and backing.... I bought flannell in Rose Hill for the backing, but have yet to decide on the batting...
Now I'm leaving the computer for the sewing machine! :)


Mrs Moen said...

Lovely! I love the solid turqoise squares aganist the pink patterns. You are doing so great on your UFO projects.

zarina said...

That is the disappearing 9-patch block? I just love how it all comes out as the whole piece.

Check out my blog for the crazy 4-patch block.

ria vogelzang said...

I love your blocks!! What lovely fabrics and those cute little blue blocks!!
It's surely going to be a great quilt!!

karenfae said...

I have seen it but haven't made one. I love the turquoise.

Notjustnat said...

I like it too. Just like Ria, I love the blue blocks in this quilt. Astrid, you must have an interesting life living in Mauritius? I work with a gentleman from Mauritius. I used to asked him about the place, but he thought I was nosy so I don't ask him anymore hahaha!

Sharon said...

The cat looks so cute!! I like the touch of turquoise too.