Sunday, June 28, 2009

NNC Bookmark Exchange 2009

Another exchange done. This time it was a secret partner bookmark exchange, and the organizer was Zarina from NNC. Since it was a secret partner exchange I had no idea who my partner was, which made it more fun. It took some time before I received the parcel due to some postal problems, but it was sorted out. Not even at the Post Office I could guess who my partner was, because my address was printed and there were no sender's name on the envelope. I was so curious I could die!!! :) I rushed home - open the parcel - and my partner was Anna from Malaysia! Here are the two lovely cross-stitched bookmarks she made for me:
This one has my name...

...and this one has lovely flowers shaped as hearts.

Anna was so kind to send some stash too; lovely flowers and red- and green silk ribbons. Thank you so very, very much Anna! I love the bookmarks! Since this is the first bookmark exchange I've joined - I'll treasure the bookmarks even more! :)
My secret partner was Paul. When I signed up for the exchange I already had in mind what kind of bookmarks I wanted to make. It was ages since I had done Hardanger and thought that would be a good idea. Here are the two bookmarks I made. The other one is appliqued.

I really enjoyed the secret partner exchange - and would love to join again. Thanks so much to NNC and Zarina for organizing the exchange!

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The Heart of Paul said...

I really like those bookmarks thank you Astrid!!