Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Colorado Star blocks progressing

Here they are - the Colorado Star (as they are called) blocks - and what I did during the weekend. There are 18 blocks, and as you may recall from earlier posts I had done 18 - 4 of them with the last rows. I did the remaining 14 this weekend. I struggled a bit with the yellow pieces for the stars; it was a bit tricky adding them together in the corners, but after using the seam ripper and some brain work it went well! :) It's always a challenge and fun trying new methods, and this is something I'd never done before. Tomorrow - I'm too lazy doing it now - I'm going to measure the sofa and figure out how many blocks I need for one cover. I think I have already mentioned each block is 18" (46cm) square, so "fortunate" I don't need that many for one sofa! :)
A well deserved trip to Curepipe - wasn't it?! :)

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