Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Curepipe Botanical Garden

The blog owner trying to be brave climbing a very old and huge tree that most probably was blown down by a cyclone. Look how big the trunk is!

Curepipe Botanical Garden was created in 1870 and nowhere near as large or impressive as the one in Pamplemousses, but it is a nice and quiet spot just a few minutes walk from the cacophony of the town.

Part of the garden.

My beloved bakery not far from the garden... Waiting in vain for it to open - we thought it was closed during lunch time - but got to know it is closed Mondays. I dare say this bakery makes the yummiest cakes on the island! :) ...We have tasted a lot of cakes in different places... :)

One of the still kept and well maintained colonial houses on the island. It costs a fortune to restore these lovely wooden houses, and sadly many are abandoned.


HexaBee said...

What a lovely pictures! The Colonial House at the picture, is it Chateau Villebague?

Greetings from The Netherlands

Astrid said...

I'm not sure... Chateau Villebague - is it a guest house? Can't recall I've heard that name.
Yes, these houses are really lovely!