Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rustic Retreat Bed Cover completed

The bed cover is completed! This is what I have been working on the last days. The quilting is done in the ditch around the trees, around the tiny houses, the horizontal- and vertical seams and the binding. For the quilting I used red- and green Madeira thread and brown thread for the binding. The size is 112 x 210cm (44" x 83"). Today I'm working on a tablecloth in the same pattern with the same fabrics. It's for Johnny too! :)
Debbie Mumm designed the pattern as a wall quilt. I had to increase the length - not the width - to make it fit Johnny's four-poster bed. I love Debbie Mumm designs and like working on the fabrics; the colors appeal to me - the feeling of rustic country.

...and here is Johnny's four-poster bed waiting for the bed cover! The bed dates back to the 1890's and belonged to his great grandparents - Louise and Karl - who came to the farm in 1875. Isn't it wonderful to be in possession of such an antique treasure?

I completed something else this weekend; a Hardanger table runner! I found it in a box while I was looking for something else. I had completely forgotten about it and that I had left to do the hem... I stitched (with the sewing machine) around the hem and then cut around it. I can't remember when I started working on it, but I believe it must be more than 10 years ago... Time to complete it - wasn't it?! :)

I've bought myself a birthday gift! The pattern is a combination of stitchery and quilting - and it is done in black and cream! Wonderful! It's not so easy to see on the photo, but the stitchery part shows a family traveling in a horse drawn sleigh through the snowy woods, across the river to grandma's welcoming farm house - hence the name; "Over the River and Through the Woods" - designed by Crabapple Hill Studio.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

having an antique bed is great - and I love the rustic quilt you made for it. Love all the photo's that you posted.

The Heart of Paul said...

I really like that four post bed! And your beautiful quilt of course! Congratulations of finishing so many projects at a go!

Sissel H.S said...

Flotte ting du har f├ątt ferdig :-)