Thursday, February 10, 2011

Progress and mistake over the last days

We are in the heat of summer! Or rainy- and cyclone season - as it is called too.
I don't like this time of the year; too hot and too humid. We are in the +30's / 86-87F, with humidity between 70-95%! Way too much for me! I suffer this kind of weather condition, but what to do?! I'm feeling isolated, because it is too uncomfortable to go out.
I shouldn't whine too much about the weather, it could have been worse!

On the brigther side, I have done quite a lot since my previous post.
Do you remember I had cut batiks for a pillow cover? Well, err.... it didn't turn out a pillow cover, because my brain didn't function properly when I printed the pattern! The cover needs to be 18 inch (45 cm) square, so when I typed the size, I typed 19 inch - guess why??? Because I worked in INCH, but my brain was programmed on CM!!! I thought changing it from 18 to 19 inch was the same as adding 1 cm on each side, but definitely it is not!!! 1 inch is 2,54 cm, which does a huge difference on a 45 cm pillow case! DUH! Instead for the supposed to be pillow case, I turned it into a table mat, by adding the border. Now it measures 21.5 INCH! :)

I've been basting like a mad man too, and the TG-quilt is ready to be quilted.

...and the "Hello Betty" quilt too.

What I have left to baste now, is the "Jiffy" quilt. It is smaller than these too, so shouldn't take that long time. I'm really, really happy for being able to baste those huge quilts over the last few days, but when will they be quilted - well, that's another question! :)


QuiltSue said...

I love your accidental table topper. The colours are great.

Dirt Lover said...

Well, for that not turning out as you had planned, it sure is pretty! It will be so nice to put that on your table. I don't envy you having to go back and forth from inches to metric.