Monday, February 28, 2011

Tomato Soup in the Stash.... (and other finishes)

...made a finish!!!
You may wonder what on earth I'm talking about?! Yes, I do talk about tomato soup, but not the liquid stuff we eat!  Remember my previous post, where I talked about binding for the "Hello Betty" quilt? I went through my stash looking for something brown, because I had "decided" the binding had to be brown.. Don't ask me why I had that fixed idea, because it had not turned out OK in the end! Well, going through the Moda Marbles I have,  what caught my eye was one called "burnt orange" and another one; "tomato soup", I compared those two colors to the "orange/red" in the quilt. "Tomato Soup" was the one that matched and fortunate I had enough of it for the binding. It looks fresher with this color on the binding, I think it had looked a bit dull using dark brown.
(Eh! The palm leaf turned out on focus, not the quilt! Photographer's mistake!)

I love the "tomato soup" binding!

I haven't made many quilts with light colors, but I must say I love this one (even if I didn't like the colors when I got the fabric) - it looks so fresh and happy!
I think it was Sue who asked me where I'm going to use it... I answered her most probably on the couch in the lower ground floor, but while doing this post I'm also thinking of using it for picnics. Not that we do a lot of picnics, but... just an idea! :)

Thanks to all of you for your comments on how to quilt the squares! I do appreciate your opinions! Thought it over for some days, I decided to keep alternative 1. It had been too much to unpick - I wasn't really in the mood for that - and I'm happy with it the way it turned out!
For this quilt I have used 1 layer cake, 1 jelly roll and 24" (60cm) for the binding. It was the first layer cake and jelly roll I bought (November 2009) - it was on sale; 50% off. For backing I have used two old bedsheets (added together). They were still usable, too good quality to be thrown away. It turned out to be a very cheap quilt - and I love it! :)
My first UFO-finish 2011 and first OPAM 2011 too!

Do you make mug rugs? Do you find it addictive?
I have been making some mug rugs over the last weeks, and finally yesterday four of them are done! I have left to hand stitch the binding on another four mug rugs, but have to buy thread for that. And yes; it is very addictive!!! They are small and easy to make.

I've fussy cut some cup fabrics I had and for these mug rugs I used one fat quarter (pink floral) and a little bit of Moda Marbles (powder pink) for the rest.
The two small mug rugs measure 7.5" x 10" (19.5 x 26cm).
The bigger mug rugs measure 8.5" x 10" (21.5 x 26cm).


Ah! Finally my BBQC project is revealed!
An Advent table topper! I received the "ugly" fabric from Sharon. At first I thought; GOSH - what do I make out of those fabrics?! I have always wanted to make an Advent table topper, using purple, but as purple is a bit outside my comfort zone I don't have much purple in my stash. And here it was, right in front of me - thanks to Sharon!

I discovered a block in a quilting magazine I wanted to try, and I really love how it turned out!

I have used all the fabric I received - the piece left is 8" x 21" . (20 x 53cm) I thought I needed it for the binding, so I didn't dare using it for the backing. I'm not good at all when it comes to mathematics, so how to calculate how much I need for this and that... well, forget about it! :)) If I had known I didn't need it, of course I had used it for the backing!
What was left after finishing the top, is what you can see here - used for the backing. From my stash I have used small strips of purple, which was the only suitable fabric I had for matching the "ugly" fabrics.

I loved doing the backing too - a little bit of art - lol!
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Notjustnat said...

Wow Astrid, look at all your finished projects. Good on you. I love that tomato soup in the stash quilt. A picnic rug, that's a go. I have a picnic rug made in Amish style wuilt and every time I use it I get a lot of admirers. Mug rugs are so cute too. Good job for everything - Hugs Nat

karenfae said...

I love all that you are working on and the quilt turned out great - I love the "tomato soup" binding - just right!!
I have made a couple mug rugs and keep saying I need to make more and then forget and work on other things instead.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh astrid what a post...just wonderful...and that tomato soup is stunning...just perfect...dzintra

MERCEDES said...

Me alegra aver encontrado...estoy muy sorprendida de tus trabajos y tambien de que seas de Islas Mauricio...te mando un gran saludo

Bjørg said...

Enig med deg! Det lyse teppet er fantastisk! Det er mye fint i dette innslaget!

QuiltSue said...

Your tomato soup binding is perfect I think.
I love what you did with your BBQC fabric. It's a great block and the quilt has so much movement to it.

fialka012 said...


Kjerstis løse tråder said...

Jeg fant ikke puteforstykket, men du verden så mye annet lekkert du har sydd. Oiii! Hvordan klarer du å lage vannmerke/copyright på bildene dine?

Hilde said...

Flotte ting du har sydd ferdig. Deilig å få symaskinen hjem etter service på den.

Groesmeyer said...

Hej Astrid var begejstret for din tomatsuppe flot quilt. knus fra Linda G

Gudveig said...

Kjempefine tepper!

Kjerstis løse tråder said...

Tusen hjertelig takk for svaret om picasa, jeg har aldri brukt det. God helg :)

Lappedamen said...

Your stash quilt with tomato soup binding is so bright and fresh. It is a good excuse to have a picnic. Beautiful Advent topper and cute Mug rugs too.

Dirt Lover said...

Your tomato soup turned out so pretty! I think it would be perfect as a topper, or picnic quilt, maybe on a swing on the porch. I love your little mug rugs. I'll have to try some! And you purple quilt is beautiful. I love the back. Back art is something I really like to do, both because I like to make the backs out of leftovers, and I like the double duty of a back with lots of interest. Nice job!

PJs Lapperier. said...

så fina dina röda mugmattor är.