Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sandwich, pin, baste and a couple of new projects

Yes, that is what I have been doing this week!
While I worked on the baby quilt, I saw an interesting quilt block in a magazine that I just had to try out!

I decided to give brown, green and yellow a chance. Those are colors I have not worked with before (not much) - a bit outside my comfort zone - one can say. I thought brown and green would make it look a bit dull, that is why I chose yellow to brighten it up. Each block has eight different fabrics - a great way using from my stash! When I saw the bag with green fabrics (I usually sort on colors), I didn't know I love green that much - but guess I do - LOL! I have as much greens as I have blues! :)
I have made 20 blocks, which should be enough for a good sized quilt - plus the borders around it.

I got obsessed by those blocks - LOL - but after making twenty I really needed to do something else!
I continued piecing the baby quilt, sandwiched, pinned and basted too.

I'm not a big fan of pastels, but as a baby quilt I think it is very cute!

After the baby quilt was done, I attacked one of my UFO's; the pinwheel quilt!
This is something I hate to do; the backing and batting! Fortunate we have a big dining table - 2.10 meters long - that is a blessing when working on big quilts.

I use masking tape to fasten the backing on each side, or else it is almost impossible not to pucker!

Here we go! :)
You may smile, but yes, I do use a lot of pins! :)) I have tried pinning a couple of quilts - without basting - before quilting (sewing machine), but it has always ended up too much puckering and I hate spending time unpicking! I prefer to take my time pinning and basting, instead of risk re-doing part of the quilting due to puckering!
Those photos was taken yesterday - today the basting of this quilt is done! :)

Here's the next quilt to be done; the TG - quilt.
I already have the backing, but it is not wide enough so I'll have to "cut and paste"  to make it fit - LOL!
My aim is to start working on it tomorrow.

One of the pillows badly needs a new cover. I forgot to take a photo of the pillow cover... My mom made the cover approx 20 years ago! It had a beautiful lace around it, but it is gone some months ago!
I have a lot of batiks, so I thought why not use batiks for the cover?! I have already cut the required pieces, so now it is just to get going! :)

It was raining in the beginning of the week, so where is it better to be than next to "mommy's" sewing area! :)

I've been baking today too, and how that turned out...
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Elisabeth said...

You sure get it done girl! Your quilts are so beautiful! Wish that I have time to sew too. Very well done :-)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you pin and baste or do you take the pins out after it is basted? Do you do all the quilting with your sewing machine?

Bjørg said...

Du har vært utrolig flittig! Deilig å være produktiv! Je likte alt veldig godt, Og også de blokkene øverst på siden!

Dirt Lover said...

Oh, boy, do I feel like I need to get up and get something done! You have been very busy, getting lots accomplished. Great work on all the sewing projects, and also the UFOs you are finishing. ~~Lori

PJs Lapperier said...

Så mycket fint du har sytt och har på gång!
Hi hi ........ser att din katt har tagit sig en lur på bästa kudden. Här har också en kattfröken flyttat in. Så mysigt.

QuiltSue said...

You've been busy. I specially loved the quilt you're currently basting.

Dirt Lover said...

Boy, have you been busy, girl! I really like the quilt pattern from your magazine. The one you did with browns, greens, and yellow. Is that just 3 strips sewn together, then triangles sewn in 2 opposite corners? Very nice pattern, looks really easy. I really enjoy seeing your projects!