Monday, August 3, 2020

Another UFO on the table

I hope you all had a great weekend. 
Yesterday (Sunday) was cloudy and gloomy (not better today!), rain in the morning. I didn't go outside the house, except on the porch. Last week came and went. I spent a couple of days cleaning the bedroom. Went through the wardrobe and removed clothes I haven't worn for years. Most of it goes to charity. 

Yesterday morning I finished hand sewing binding on a small table topper/candle mat and two Christmas card holders. (No photos yet). I was pondering what to do next and decided to work on a UFO. Lock-down, no I-net and computer issues, I must admit I've lost a bit track of which UFO's I have finished, since I have yet to take photos.  What I know for sure; the one I'm going to finish, is APQ's UFO Challenge #11 - June challenge! (And this is my original UFO 2020 list, #16).

During the lock-down, I decided to work on UFO's as much as possible. For some years now (can't remember when I started) I have cut 1.5 inch squares from leftover fabric and when I had enough, sew the tiny squares into 36-patch blocks. I also made some 9-patches. Yep, I know; insanity! LOL 

I have this part left to thread baste. 
You may wonder why I prefer to thread baste? I have had too many oopsies (puckers on the back) with pins only that I prefer to take the time it takes to thread baste. Actually it doesn't take much time! :) 

Here's a sneak peek of the back. I didn't have any wide backs so after putting the 'thinking cap' on for awhile, I decided to use more of the 36-patch blocks and fabric from my stash that have been there forever! Not sure how I'm going to quilt it; either straight seams or just meandering FMQ. 


Chantal said...

It looks good, Astrid. It is inspiring too as I have a lot of 1.5 squares cut and ready for something. Have a great day. ;^)

Karen S said...

Great to throw a lot of time into UFOs. Love seeing all those little patches.

MooseCarol said...

Another lovely scrappy work! Love the scrappy back as well.

Carol Ethier said...

Oh Astrid, this scrappy beauty makes my heart race! Love it!

StephsQults said...

Looks fabulous and a pieced back too, wow, great way to use up all those scraps! Definitely a Covid madness quilt!