Saturday, June 5, 2021

This, That, a Finish and Christmas in May

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good week and got some quilting done. Since my previous post, I've been busy with several projects. I usually work on one project at a time, although not always get them finished. That's quite normal, isn't it?! :) 

First of all, I have a finished UFO! 

Yep! Another Postage Stamp Quilt! This is #9 (my UFO list). It's the same size as the other PSQ I finished recently; 72 x 95 inches / 183 x 241 cm. 

This is the one I struggled to get the 108" backing straight. We (with help from DH) did manage to stretch and pull making it a little bit better, but still.... UGH! The colors are pastels on almond colored background. I didn't really like it when I prepped the quilt, but after finishing the quilt, I'm in love with it! :) So soft and cuddly! For the binding I have used a dark teal fabric that has been in my stash forever! 

Do you give your quilt a name? Usually I don't, but after spending hours quilting the 'flying geese' blocks for this UFO (that was meant as backing on another quilt), I've named it 'Migration to Africa'. 

It consists of several 'Flying Geese' blocks and dancing African ladies. There are groups of triangles on the dancing ladies fabric. Interpretation; groups of migrating birds. 

Quilting 'Migration to Africa' is time consuming and for not getting bored, or worse; getting fed up with it!, I've done some smaller items in between. Going through my stash, I decided to make a few 'Golf Ladies' mug rugs

Aren't they cute?! 

The Advent Calendar is done! 

While searching my stash for backing for the Advent Calendar, I pulled out some other Christmas fabrics. I had enough to make a card holder, small wall hanging and scrappy table topper. I even found backing fabric for these projects! 

Is searching my stash for fabric good or bad?! LOL Earlier this year (or was it end of last year?), I made this tea cozy. At the time I made it, I intended to make a matching teapot mat, but that did not happen at that time. I pulled out these fabrics again and from what I had left I prepped a teapot mat, 6 mug rugs and 6 place mats! 

This blog post has been in draft mode for some days. I have a few updates: teapot mat is done, all mug rugs are quilted and 2 (out of 6) are done. I'm working on 'Migration to Africa', about half the border is left to quilt. Why on earth did I decide to do diagonal straight seams with 1' in between each seam?! My-O-My! It takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!! I love how it turns out though! :) 



Michele McLaughlin said...

Wow! You've been so busy! I love your projects! The Migrating quilt is FANTASTIC and what a great idea! I love how you used up some stash with the other projects, especially the tea cozy accesories! It's always good to have some Christmas presents done in advance--way to go by finishing before summer!! Thanks you for the inspiration! Have a safe and happy week!

Chantal said...

WOW! ASTRID! Your projects are so lovely. I love your PSQ and the backing is so nice. The quilting makes all the difference. Congrats on this beautiful finish. I always name my quilts. I don't sell them so they are like family members I guess, lol. I don't recall seeing Migration to Africa before but it looks very nice. I hope you will take more pictures of it once it is done. I would love to see more of that one. Your golf ladies are too cute. I'm in love with the red one. Congratulations on finishing off some Christmas projects and the tea cozy ensemble. So much work done. I wish things would finish that fast at my place when I search my stash, lol. ;^)

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Migration is awesome!!!
and congrats on the finish - what a great use of all those colors - but its so big!!! Wow!!

Karen S said...

You have been busy wit all your projects.
Great work with the postage stamp quilt.
And of course the geese are lovely.

Ivani said...

Beautiful finishes, Astrid!
Love your golf ladies Mug hugs.
Happy stitching/quilting.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

You have been so busy, Astrid and love, love , love the postage stamp. I do not think you have too many of that design. Super cute Christmas projects you have been working on too. I have got to get started on Christmas. Lol. Have a wonderful week.