Saturday, December 5, 2020

APQ UFO Challenge 2020: October and November Finishes

The weeks since my previous post have flown by like a whirlwind! I've been busy painting the bath/wash room, TV-room and part of the staircase. I can't say the reno is completed; a few things are left to be done. The reno has kept me away from sewing and I have enjoyed the break from sewing and doing something else! The Christmas Quilt top is done, that's all the sewing I've done lately. 

During the lock-down (April & May), I was determined to finish as many UFO's as possible. What else to do when you're not allowed to get out, except for grocery shopping twice a week?! Here are a few more finishes.  

This is APQ & Quiltsy Team's UFO challenge #3 (mine #15), November challenge

Another scrappy quilt, a lap quilt size. 

It is made of several 1.5" x 2.5" rectangles and 1.5" squares. Yep, insanity! LOL 

I had to be a bit creative with the back since I didn't have enough of the main fabric.

Some of the strips are fabric from years back, when I started quilting. Fun to work with them again. 

UFO Challenge #6 (mine #3) October challenge

Nurse Wall Hanging




#1 – Log Cabin #1 (my list #13) April – FINISHED 

#2 – PSQ / Pinwheel Lap Quilt (my list #10) January – FINISHED!   

#3 – Scrappy 2” strips (my list #15) November - FINISHED!  

#4 – Black/White Wall Hanging (my list #7) December – NOT finished  

#5 – Deer Log Cabin TT (my list #17) July – FINISHED - photos missing 

#6 – Nifty Nurses WH (my list #3) October - FINISHED!  

#7 – Log Cabin #3 (my list #18) March – FINISHED!   

#8 – Snowman Village WH (my list #9) August – FINISHED - photos missing  

#9 – Log Cabin #2 (my list #14) February – FINISHED!   

#10 – Snowman Village Attic Window (my list #8) September - partly finished  

#11 – Scrappy 1” squares quilt (my list #16) June - FINISHED!  

#12 – Star batik quilt (my list #12) May – FINISHED! 



Elzaan said...

Well done on more finishes!!! Just 2 more to go, it seems.
I am so lazy for sewing lately, it is really a shame.

Chantal said...

Wow! Astrid, you are really doing great on getting the UFO list shorter. Congratulation on finishing yet another beautiful scrappy quilt. ;^)

StephsQults said...

Fabulous use of scraps, and yep, you are crazy LOL, love it. Well done getting UFOs finished.

Karen S said...

Well done with your lovely quilts. The scraps always look great!

Lois Evensen said...

Your quilts are fantastic! Thank you for sharing them with us.