Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Decision made! Country Charm Scrappy Quilt

I've decided what to do with some of the (accumulated over the years) 2" squares
I'm making the quilt below; 'Country Charm'

Does any of you remember this Quilting Magazine? 

Quilt It for Christmas 2000

This has been my dream quilt ever since I bought the magazine! I've always wanted to make it in Christmas colors; red, green and cream. That may happen later, or not, but for now; scrappy. 
How dumb is it possible to be?! It was after I made the green Split-9 blocks, that I realized this quilt is made of Split-9's!!!! DUH! LOL 

All those 2" squares are a bit overwhelming! I was pondering where to start. I participated in swaps (2" and 2.5" squares) for 2-3 years (can't remember exactly how many times the swaps were done). We swapped 100 squares and I still have those I received in their original small zipper bags. Some swappers sent more than 100 squares. Most swappers do perfect cutting, and then there are those who do not (to my despair!)!
So far, with the blocks I have made, I have used 100 squares from one swapper plus some of my own cut 2". Today, I opened swap zipper bag #2. This swapper sent me a lot more than the required 100 squares, mostly beautiful floral fabric in all colors. Unfortunately, many of the squares are not cut to size; about 1/16" is short at one corner and some off with 1/8".  I had not bothered if it had been a few only, but most of the squares are cut the same way. I find it irritating, because I have to be very careful about the 1/4" seam allowance.
I did a couple of blocks (there are four blocks sewn together to make one unit), but these two units did not make it to size; 5". I gave up, all squares went into the zipper bag again and I took a break! I'm not going to use these squares for these blocks because they are causing too much irritation for me. I may cut them into 1.5" later on. The one I've chosen now all squares looks like they are cut exact 2" squares, which makes my life easier! lol 

I have made a few blocks. My goal is to make at least one Split-9 block each day. So far, so good! 

Are you organized? By that I mean; do you stick to daily, weekly or monthly plans, what to do etc? I used to make plans, but almost all failed so I gave up. I prefer starting the day with a blank sheet, and take it from there. Of course I have things I want or should do, but I'll take it as it comes. Speaking of this, I have my looong UFO list in mind; one day at a time too! My goal is to finish at least one UFO each month. Let's see how that pans out. 

I wrote this post some days ago and here's an update on my UFOs:
I'm quilting UFO #10; Blue & White Irish Chain! 1/2 is done. Goal: to finish it this month. 

Someone decided this is the perfect new bed! lol

Next one to be quilted is the pineapple quilt from 2021.
It became a UFO because I'm unsure how to quilt it. Any suggestions welcome! 

Are you on fabric diet this year? If so, how long did it last?
My goal is to buy fabrics / notions I need only. I haven't been that bad, here's what I've bought so far this year: 

5 Advent Calendars on sale for my Etsy Shop
6.5 yards white on white (3 different fabrics)
2 yards Grunge wide backing
4 yards fabric (2 different fabric) for Norwegian Patriotic quilts
1 Fat Quarter Bundle, 25 FQ's white on white
I was almost out of white on white fabrics, what I have bought I need for several WIPs.
I'm not feeling guilty for purchasing these fabrics! lol



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

in some swaps I did there where pieces too small or too large I got tired of trying to even squares up and I must admit I tossed a lot in the trash - it was going to take too much time to make them all the same size. That pattern does look pretty and so does your cat :)

Chantal said...

Yes, I remember that magazine. I have a few of them but not the one you are showing today. I love that quilt. GOSH, Astrid! You are adding to my to-do list, lol. It will look great all scrappy. I wouldn't bother with the squares that aren't square. When I get something like that, I toss them in the crumb block bags. Anything in those bags is uneven. I don't know if you want to start a crumb quilt but that's how I use uneven squares. I love your newest blocks. I do have a list of things I aim to do in a week but I won't kill myself over it anymore. You have a lovely kitten. Give him a BIG hug and a good back rub for me. Enjoy the scraps! ;^)
P.S. I am on a fabric diet too. Too many gifted scrap bags coming in for me to justify purchases, unless it is to finish a quilt. My last purchase was in October 2023 for some white FQs.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

That quilt you've decided on will be spectacular but better you than me. I'm so not a sane quilter!
I've been trying my best to use up stash but I think it's a losing battle. I have purchased a few things I've needed for my creations but am trying to limit that. At the moment I'm on a quest to use up part-balls of yarn so am knitting hats. The stash doesn't seem to be dwindling.

Solomae said...

Love the blue quilt...and the kitty!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I try to get a certain amount of sewing done everyday. I don't always make my goal but I try!
I do remember that magazine. I love that quilt you're making! My cats like to sit on whatever I'm working on. They're very silly!!

Barwitzki said...

How wonderful, I wish you lots of joy and enthusiasm with your new project of your “dream quilt”. Wonderful blocks you started...beautiful fabric.
Your UFO No. 10 also looks wonderful with the blue and white colors. Your cat is cute.
If I could, as I wanted, I would buy fabrics... a lot more... I'm curious to see if I can wait until April... then there's the big spring fabric market. But actually I have to buy a backing fabric... you say it, I don't feel guilty about buying fabric either. Anyway, I can now control myself when it comes to wool :-)))
Hug to you.

Sarah said...

That must be frustrating if the squares aren’t accurate. I guess you have to measure each one to check? Your two blocks are really nice though! Cute kitty too.